You have a glorious, God-given talent, you bring light to the world, but often doubt, fears, and self-criticism hold us back from our true potential.

 Life isn’t easy.  We are frequently plagued by doubt, fear, and self criticism, all of which keep us from stepping into our true potential and greatness. And no one understands this better than me. From an early age, I was met with roadblocks on my path to a successful life, brought down and held back, repeatedly told I was unworthy by the very people who should have lifted me up. I had a teacher who once told me that kids like me rarely make it past sixth grade. This discouragement left me deflated and doubting everything about myself. Not long after this, however, I had another teacher who saw past my struggles and believed in me. She recognized in me what I have since come to see is in every one of us – great passion and great purpose. In my adult life, I battled on-going infertility, but rather than let this hold me back, I still found a pathway to creating and building a family.

 And today, I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters as a result of this. All of these experiences have shaped who I am today. They have shaped how I parent, where I live, and the kind of work I do in my personal and professional life. The intention of Sprinkled with Awesome is to explore and deepen every woman’s understanding of who they are as a person and a perfect creation of God, and to learn to live a life in the light of what makes each of us unique, special, and loved. We are powerful, and it’s time to harness that power and let it lift us up and take us to new heights.