Let's Work Together


Melissa brings the party to your audience, giving each person permission to uncover and understand their God-given greatness and discover what they truly want out of life. She helps them see the desires and passions that they have are the insights into their unique and personal mission and purpose. Melissa uses proven and simple tools to implement in everyday life for fast results.


Working exclusively with women, Melissa offers three specialized programs carefully designed to strategize and equip you with the tools needed to hone passion, talent, and divinity.

 The You’ve Got This program is a self-study guide through the Best of You Guidebook, which helps explore and expand personal growth and development through faith-based instruction.

The Synergy Achievers Mastermind provides strength-based mentoring and high-level strategies for growth and development.

The Individual Mentoring program is designed to work with individuals on a personal level to unlock possibilities and create a personal pathway to success. (Availability is limited.)

Strategic Work Session

Designed for businesses and corporations, Melissa can help your team see the value and potential in each individual as well as the group dynamic. She can help improve management skills through both group and individualized strategies and tools carefully curated for maximum success, group morale, and employee satisfaction.